30 May 2009

Holy Cow, Water Wings And Yummy Food Things!

Summer is here and our family loves the pool. I cannot wait to start house shopping - I want to find the perfect outdoor area and pool. Who really cares about the house, anyway? [ :P ]

We have one slight problem though... Nic thinks he can swim. I am serious when I say that. He can move his arms, he kicks his legs; he understands the process. What he doesn't get is that HE CANNOT FLOAT. I try to place my hand under his tummy, and he says "Mommy, No!"

I need to go get him another pair of floaties [I left the other ones at my aunts house]... that should solve our "problem." Right? Perhaps we have a future Olympic Swimmer on our hands. He's barely two and a half, people!

Have I mentioned how much I love summer? I really, really do!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Uh-0h! I am abt to talk abt food again! lol... But seriously, I am enjoying our healthy cooking very much. It's been fun to find great tasting, and healthy things to make for the family.

Tonight we had sandwiches; Roast Beef and Turkey [lettuce, tomato, olives, mustard, and light mayo]. On the side, we had Cucumber & Lemon salad [not pictured] and Strawberries with Yogurt. It was the perfect light, summer meal [if I do say so myself].

[ooh. just spellchecked. listed, i know how to spell about... i just abbreviate it. so, when you see abt, please know i meant to spell it that way!]

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