02 August 2009

We've Moved

For all you one reader out there - just wanted to let you know that we've moved.
Hope you will come over and check us out.

Charming by Design

18 July 2009

Today is...

Graduation Day!!

13 July 2009

They are going to be mad at me...

I am talking about the kids. I scheduled a cleaning for them for next Thursday. It's a new dentist (the old one became out of network)... this means new X-Rays. Don't you think dental work (of any kind) should be free (both pain-wise and cost-wise)? This will actually be Nic's first visit! We will see how that goes!

12 July 2009

Scared? Understandable.

If you are one of the tens of people who stop by (if even that) - and you happened to wander over yesterday or today... I apologize. I was doing some clean up on my blog. I originally wanted to keep things separate, but realized it's too much work. I did, however, create new pages so that I can update things like my Blog Roll and my Savings Updates; I plan to add more pages for our Debt Free/Home ownership Journey, I am just too tired today.

One thing you will find out about me is that I get bored with things. From here on out though, I promise to keep this particular blog going. I can't, however, promise my header won't change every minute once in a while.

So.... The older two are off at the grandparents house, Nic is sleeping (I know, a late and looong nap - I will pay tonight), and I am here blogging. I have so much to do, but I don't want to do it. By doing it, it means that my vacation is over. =( I have to work tomorrow, and not only that, I have to go into work for 4 days next week. Criminey.

Well, guess I better get dinner started...

Vacation Pics!

In random order, and just a small percentage of the number actually taken:

03 July 2009

UPS Was Knockin' on my Door Today

As we were getting ready to leave for Costco (trip shopping), the UPS guy came to the door. I had two packages; one I mentioned in an earlier post, the other was one I hadn't mentioned.

So, my BeachBody P90X arrived today. It looks complex, but I promise to give it 100% (after vacation of course!). The other package held an item which I purchased online using some Sports Authority gift cards I had accumulated. Do you think I am crazy?

Of course, the first question my husband asked me was if I also thought to purchase elbow and knee pads. Baffled, I asked him what the heck I needed those for?! I am was a great skater. I can do this. ;) Just like P90X though, I will be waiting until after our vacation to try out the new wheels. I am sure I will be back to tell you all about it.

Finally: Vacation

It's the 3rd of July and all is well! I started my vacation today - no more work for 11 days! Wahoo. I am so excited. We are packing and cleaning - preparing for our trip to San Diego. I know it's last minute, but we need to purchase our Sea World tickets. I think we will check out Costco's prices today. That will be our one big splurge.

I think I will also need to get an umbrella stroller for our little monkey. Our normal stroller is too large - and he's still small enough that he may not be able to walk for miles on end, gazing at the fishies and stuff.

We are doing our 4th of July celebration today; Kentucky Fried Grilled Chicken and a ton of sides + swimming + fireworks = fun! This is my favorite holiday. Next year, hopefully we will be in our own house to celebrate it (and to decorate for it of course).

So, busy day planned... I am sure I will fill you in more before we actually leave on Monday morning at 0'dark thirty.

If you know of any fun, cheap things to do in San Diego, leave a comment. I will take all the ideas I can get!

28 June 2009

What was I thinking?

I was at QVC.

I just bought this:

don't worry, it was on Easy Pay.

But still. OMG. I am in a world of hurt. 90 days. I have to do this 90 day challenge.

I have to; I spent the money. Did you see the word "extreme?"

Guess I will be sharing the before, during, and after with you all.

27 June 2009

{ Booked our trip to the North Pole }

YAY! I am so excited!!
It's a trip based on the movie (eh, book?) The Polar Express.

This trip will be replacing all of our family's little one's birthday's for November, December, and January. There are 30 of us going.

Oh the fun. Oh the chaos. Oh the snow?!

I hope not! lol... I am a spoiled Phoenician! I am sure I will post tons of pics come December.

See, now you have something to look forward to.

{ WOW }

I just saw this on another blog I frequent [whatever]
it's too darn cute.
get a load of this video:

Click Here

{I dont' know how to embed, sorry}