01 June 2009

I am sure you've heard the old saying...

"Don't count your snowflakes before they fall..."

I am too excited NOT to! I am waiting on two major snowflakes this month! Those, including my snowball, will eliminate all but ONE final creditor.

Here's the breakdown...

Snowflake 1: $4165
Will melt away American General [$2400] and Kay Jewelers [$1169]

Snowflake 2: $1470
Will melt away Orchard [$680] and Capital One [$727]

Snowball for the Month: $1190
Will kill Best Buy MC [$690]
Will pay off a bill that came in this month [$142]
Trip to Hoover Dam & 1 Night in Las Vegas [$350]*

Once those all clear, we will only owe $2400 to Dell. DID YOU READ THAT? That motivates me so much! We will spend July and August paying off Dell. I am due another snowflake of $1470 at the end of August, so I KNOW it will be a goner by then for sure!

* Every year, for vacation, we got to Mexico for a few days. It's close, it's cheap, it's the BEACH! We decided to save some money, and take the kids to Hoover Dam, and then stay in Vegas for a night. We, as a married couple, totally agree on the fact that it's NEVER to young to start teaching children how to gamble. Okay, I am kidding about that part. We actually found a hotel that doesn't have a casino inside. Crazy, but true. We haven't been to Hoover Damn since the older were younger [much!], and we thought Nic would love it! Or, at least, we'd love it for him!

What's after Dell, you ask?!
Well, I have to admit... we have a few medical bills that are in collections. As I think I've mentioned, Nic was born 3 months premature, and while most of his bills were paid for, I was in the hospital at least three times following his birth. With our other bills about to be paid off, I went ahead and pulled our credit reports [scores up an average of 60 points from 3 months ago!] and created a spreadsheet of our accounts that need to be paid.

With one last scheduled snowflake of about $2200 coming in, plus Snowballs for Sept, Oct, and November - we will really be done. Kinda. :)

We will have the Van payment and my Student Loans [which are deferred].

Starting in Jan, we will put money away for the house down payment, as well as pay an extra $400 - $500 on the Van each month.

See what I mean about counting snowflakes - it gets me ahead of myself. So, as long as we stick to the plan, and so does the rest of the world [no surprises, thankyouverymuch] - we will be sitting pretty by New Years!

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