03 July 2009

UPS Was Knockin' on my Door Today

As we were getting ready to leave for Costco (trip shopping), the UPS guy came to the door. I had two packages; one I mentioned in an earlier post, the other was one I hadn't mentioned.

So, my BeachBody P90X arrived today. It looks complex, but I promise to give it 100% (after vacation of course!). The other package held an item which I purchased online using some Sports Authority gift cards I had accumulated. Do you think I am crazy?

Of course, the first question my husband asked me was if I also thought to purchase elbow and knee pads. Baffled, I asked him what the heck I needed those for?! I am was a great skater. I can do this. ;) Just like P90X though, I will be waiting until after our vacation to try out the new wheels. I am sure I will be back to tell you all about it.

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