03 July 2009

Finally: Vacation

It's the 3rd of July and all is well! I started my vacation today - no more work for 11 days! Wahoo. I am so excited. We are packing and cleaning - preparing for our trip to San Diego. I know it's last minute, but we need to purchase our Sea World tickets. I think we will check out Costco's prices today. That will be our one big splurge.

I think I will also need to get an umbrella stroller for our little monkey. Our normal stroller is too large - and he's still small enough that he may not be able to walk for miles on end, gazing at the fishies and stuff.

We are doing our 4th of July celebration today; Kentucky Fried Grilled Chicken and a ton of sides + swimming + fireworks = fun! This is my favorite holiday. Next year, hopefully we will be in our own house to celebrate it (and to decorate for it of course).

So, busy day planned... I am sure I will fill you in more before we actually leave on Monday morning at 0'dark thirty.

If you know of any fun, cheap things to do in San Diego, leave a comment. I will take all the ideas I can get!

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