24 May 2009

Wahoo... It's Snowing!

Well, snowflaking. I am due for a snowflake sometime next week of $4165.00 [yeah!]. This will pay off 2 bills; Our personal loan [$2800] and Kay Jewelers [$1100]. Doesn't seem like a lot, but the minimum for both of those bills together is $380 a month [!]

Our monthly snowball is getting bigger! Love it! I am due for a few more snowflakes this summer [July has a 5th paycheck for us & tuition reimbursement]. I sincerely believe we will be debt free [except for the car and student loans] by December [including old medical bills]. Our snowball will be about $1500 a month come September... we will be throwing snowballs at Honda and the Student Loans [take that, you interest chargers]. I think we will be house shopping before we know it!

In a related, but sad note: I just found out three of my family members will be losing their houses. :( It's horrible; a position I never want to be in. I am just so glad my cousin turned me on to Dave Ramsey. At first, I thought it was a very religious program - it isn't [or it doesn't have to be]. I love the baby steps... and following them has been great for us.

Well, off to start dinner!

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