19 May 2009

401Ks & Penion Plans [I sound like an old fart; nothing against old farts!]

I checked our balances today [kinda like jumping on the scale; you never know what number you will see].

I am pleased to announce each of our 401Ks have more than doubled since January.
Of course, in January, they were at an all time low.

With my company recently being acquired, my new momma company has opened an Pension account for me. In 3 paychecks [ a month and a half ], I already have $267 in there. I have been with the company for more than 3 years, so I am 100% vested! It's so much fun watching that number grow and to know that, in the future, I will have at least .79 cents a month to live off of. At least.

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