18 May 2009

Famous First Post

I am addicted to blogs. You will find proof of this on the my sidebar [over there --> to the right].
I will be adding more of my favorite reads as I go - but it takes time, and since I am trying to sneak blogging in between work projects and school - show me a little patience, will ya? ;)

I have blogged before -- many times. However, I get bored easily. I can't tell you how many blogs I've deleted. Never really found my voice. So, I decided to just be me. I promise I will try to post to this blog at least 3 or 4 times a week. Once we reach our first goal of becoming debt free and we start looking for our first home, I am sure the post count will double.

I have a favorite blog I want to share with you in my next post. Until then, hasta luego!

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